Sunday, January 3, 2010

Gained and Lost in 2009

I would say in 2009 I have failed more than I gained, failed to achieve my resolution in the past but I promised myself that in this chapter of my life, I will not repeat the same mistakes as time are too short for mistakes once made although some would say mistakes are inevitable.

- step into the year of freedom
- start new in Setapak Gospel Center
- new room mate
- had an unexpected experience in internship
- met loads of new friends
- first time experience stay in Prince Court hospital
- first time experience to ride on an ambulance with siren on for more than 10 times
- first time experience stay in Crowne Plaza a week for free
- finally visited AQUARIA
- noticed that I am addicted to shopping
- noticed that I love earrings
- failed to become a good Leader
- lost some friends
- dissapoint friends
- not consistent in attending classes
- not efficient as the year before
- learn that swimming can release my stress
- learn that my instict is always wrong
- learn that I am leaving college and will miss collecg life like mad
- learn that I can turn to God whenever and whatever I did
- I have lost the passion for Advertising
- learn to be humble all the time
- slack in writing journals
- waste a lot of time
- quit the business
- quality time with Soong Sern family members
- habit to pray together with Soong Sern
- lost the passion in captain ball

For the past one year I would say 2009 is very much of identifying my flaws and a year of learning. As the year of 2010 have just arrived, I hope this year will be a year of break free my bad habits and a time to gain what I have lost. It's a year to stretch myself in terms of physically, mentally and most importantly spiritually.


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