Monday, November 16, 2009

Weekend @ Pop Chic Street Market-Zouk

It was an exciting weekend to be able to spend half a day @ Pop Chic Street Market since I missed it the first time!
the Hot MAMA's is on their feet to rock the market!
Blue tag was found @ Pop Chic Street Market. We were lucky to get those freebies! Just gotten to upload the Blue tag free ticket for YOUREKA Finale party by Yahoo and two tickets to 2012 (Sern has been anticipating for this show and I am not, oh well I guess I have to since it's Free), and more of YOUREKA invitation cards!

It was an awesome experience to be able to see tons of spanking new goodies and new arrivals by these artistic people. The stuff there were miraculously special especially accessories and I wouldn't want to miss it the next time they're having it!

And we rocked off with bags of new stuff by walking to the car under the rain...


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