Saturday, March 31, 2007

His Very First Time

It was 11:30 pm, and I was on my bed while my tummy is growling for food 'michelle i want food'.... I went to my food container and see what left inside for me to cook at this hour. Noodles is what I have. I turned on my laptop to keep me accompany as I was enjoying my food. Out of the sudden I have the urge to msg Joyce. So we had a casual conversation and at the same time Jaziel messaged me ( one of my close friend in class )

After half an hour conversation with both of them, the clock shows 12:35am and before Joyce leave the conversation she reminded me of something. -1 april-

Left Jaziel to keep me accompany. hehehe....what do u think??? he is my target!!

Me : Jaziel actually I'm in the hospital now

Jaziel : HUH!! with ur laptop?! what r u doing there?! alone?!which hospital?!

Me : yea i'm alone and i will be going thru a surgery tmr.

Jaziel : what operation? which hosp? is ur parents with u?

Me : dun worry, im alone at the moment... they will be here tmr, got sent by my friends to the hospital. (without much hesitation) Will u be coming to see me any of these days??

Jaziel : how about monday??

Me : what bout at night?

Jaziel : let me check my schedule first so tat it wont clash....

After a second, NUDGE!!!

Me : APRIL FOOL!!!!!

Jaziel : GREAT......................JUST GREAT..............SIGH.......SO SPEECHLESS

I felt guilty after the conversation, at the same time i apologized but unexpectedly this was his FIRST time kena APRIL fool. hahahahaha in his entire life at 12:40 am (1 april 2007) Can u imagine it? and he is so excited over about this april fool telling me that he will be recording it down in his journal. Apart from that I told him tat i will be posting it in my blog. And he got so excited and sent me picture of his. LOL....'ta dah'

'April Fool in Digital Age'

1st APRIL 2007 - A typical guy name Jaziel Tan Tyan Wei aged 18 involved in the april fool for his very first time. reported by michelle

After awhile he sent me another picture......hahahaha coz he is proud to be one!

Frankly speaking this is my first time to trick ppl on april fool day.....coz my family never practise it all this while...LOL....

Have fun!!!! hopefully i wont be trick ><


We're going to launch ELS soon. For your information ELS stands for English Language Society-TARC. So far I've attended to the 2nd meeting and everything seems to go pretty smoothly. Apart from that we are up to the Editorial Board which is all this while it doesn't seems to exist. Secondly is, we are going to organize e Drama Workshop to recruit more talented people out there. Thirdly is the orientation day which is coming soon in a few weeks time.

The meeting that we attended too seems to be very productive which we have come up with brilliant ideas. Of course I won't tell you what we will be doing first. It is still under consideration which we hope it will be a success. We really hope that we will bring up the ELS back alive!!
Now we are waiting for the PIC to approve the logo for new ELS (ahem....designed by me) =) , few proposal by Shoban, Michael, Jeffrey and Wai Hong. Apparently, thats all for this post......will update more in the next post. =)