Thursday, March 15, 2007

What CLASS??

Music class is what I'm talking about. Ever wonder why an adv student needs to study music and attend music appreciation class. This is what my lecturer says:
1. To appreciate music
2. Enable us to learn about the genres other than than popular music
3. Importance of music
4. Musical knowledge purpose
5. Understanding and anaysis of rhythm,melody,texture and etc
6. Music instruments & orchestra
7. Music history
8. Famous musicians and success in life; contribution to music developement
9.How composer compose music
10. Forms of relaxation
11. Language skills
12. Help students to think critically-comparison
Singing songs, compose our own songs, read notes and the history of music is what I thought at first. Afterall, it's not as simply as that.....We had a great blast for today's class, wanna noe what? LOL During the classes in tutorial and lecture we are requested to suggest songs all the time. But most of us it's either we don't know how to sing or we kept quiet, so this is what the lecturer suggested to sing
Drumroll :
'Row row row your boat.........'
'Mary had a little lamb....'
'One little, Two little, Three little Indian...'
'Rasa sayang, eh rasa sayang.....'
'I believe I can fly
I believe I can touch the sky'
Well, it is just part of the examples of songs we sang during lecture due to her teaching. Since we cant give any songs so this is what she suggested for us. Overall, this is not what we have been doing....We learnt the elements of music, music during the midle age, the renaissance, the Baroque period, famous composers, and etc. Hopefully these songs will not be sung in the coming lecture.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Day Like Today

Lord I really don't know how to write a song
I'm not always eloquent, sometimes I get it wrong
But the thing
You've doing in me I can't describe
What a fool I'd be if I chose to hide
this transformation, new motivation
Thought that we were close,
I've known You all this time
But I was just living life my way,
just getting by
Thought that if I'd do a good deed or two
That'd be enough to please You
I kept the parts I wanted to,
and missed out on the real You
Now with every step and every breath I give it all,
hold nothing back
With all I am, this is my choice,
to live to worship You
So with all my heart,
my soul, my mind I'll love You, leave it all behind
To live my life in awe of You
is the least that I can do
Whenever I'm alone in the hostel, on the way to class, on the way to meet my friends, alone in the LRT, waiting for the taxi to arrive, waiting for friends to pick me up, I will take this time to think of God, his creation, my life that he had created and what am I living for and am I living a pleasing life for him that he will be proud of me? I will never come across a good answer for I always take things for granted. Sometimes I really feel for God and he is near me but when the next morning arrive, I lost all my spiritual feelings. Things seems to be uncertain to me and no doubt I can't deny all this uncertainty. But this song really make me realize of the hope I'm looking for although everyday seems to be an ordinary day.
Oh Lord it's another day;
nothing seemed to go my way
And I know that I can't complain
cause You've been so good to me
But here I am burdened again,and I can't seem to find my friend
Whose name is hope and I can't
-by out of eden-
So I'm prayin then I hear You sayin
Don't look no further cause I'm all you need
No matter the problem the answer's in me
I'll give you courage and I'll give you peace
When you get tired you can lean on me

Oh it's hard to understand,
that there is a master plan
That He's got out life in His hands
and there is reason
And a time and season to everything that comes along
Though it seems all faith is gone, just keep on believing
And you'll hear Him say to you
Don't look no further cause
I'm all you need
No matter the problem the answer's in me
I'll give you courage and I'll give you peace
When you get tired you can lean on me
While you're hesitating,
know that the Lord is waiting
Instead of all this worrying and wondering,here's what you should so
Know He'll see you through
He cares for you and you should
know He'll never let you go


Anti Magarita

Magarita really taste good and it was my first time too but magarita kills me at the same time. After having a huge glass of magarita in klcc, we went for the 300 movie. My head is getting heavier and heavier but can't avoid to stay in the cinema for about 2 hours. Stars and birds starts to go round and round my head but i was very councious thou its a bloody movie and with those disgusting acts that makes me want to puke at that time. As I continue to watch the movie, I began to scratch when the disgusting movie ends, I started to realized I am actually ALLERGIC to alcohol!! I felt so speechless to myself from then on..................................

I thought the anti rashes tablets will help me and to be able to get through the night without worries but unexpectedly, I have sleepless nights for 3 nights. I really hate those feelings, it's just like needle poking me every few seconds

The rashes lasted me for few days till Sarah decided to get me Hydrocortisone cream from the pharmacy when the tablets and cream from the doctor doesn't really work.

I felt very guilty after the magarita drink. I was persuaded by one of my friend to really try it because it really taste good but I guess I deserve that although I didnt come to mind that I was allergy to alcohol. I felt so guilty for because the rashes lasted me for few days that I couldn;t attend sunday worship and youth meeting too. This is a great lesson to learn.