Thursday, August 23, 2007

Blogger Is Back!

Oh hey everyone! I'm back....i guess this is the longest period ever I would want to leave my blog not up to date after all the hectic life that I hardly could find time for myself. Sometimes I wonder if I ever lost the clue of what to blog. =) Anyway, somehow somewhere I got back the inspiration and start laying my fingers on the keyboard.

Anyway, my life has been going very smoothly and as if I'm on the smooth sailing season now but I believe this won't last long coz life is all about ups and down. Well back to my updates, frankly speaking there are a bit downs too coz life is not perfect. For the past few weeks, I've been enjoying what a typical college students does.

- Participated in the COPA IBA game on the 15th July 2007, although we never get any trophy but I do enjoy the fun fun fun during the game......less pressure compared to the previous years,afterall this game is not about WINNING but FELLOWSHIP!

- Apart from that I got myself into a trip to OA with some of my buddies from church and some new buddies from Bangsar Church and I would say it's a remarkable and new experience to be able to experience how orang asli live their simple life compared to our much complicated life. Life without entertainment is lifeless......I would agree to that bcoz I'm a human too but I believe I will survive without them.

- This is the part where I face a bit down somewhere there. Life on earth is so fragile and true enough we as human can't deny that. It's a shocking news I've received the night after I knew tat one of my childhood friend's dad had coma after a fall and passed away the next day. Well, life is filled with unpredictable and uncertainties acknowledging that God is the source of my strength no matter what.

- Got myself involved in the [i]mperfect band lead by Andrian the L. It has been a smooth sailing journey too in the beginning but after a few practices and due to our hectic schedule, we postponed it to next semester.

-The most happening day for CF members....'SPORTS CARNIVAL' where we had futsal,floorball and captain ball competition held in college.

- Been attending meetings and meetings all the time, after English Society meeting, CF meeting, Youth Camp meeting, CF camp committee meeting, practise, after practise mamak, and the next day the cycle of meetings repeat.Don't take me wrong, I'm not complaining but rather taking it as a challenge. Anyway, 70% of my schedule are doing God's work, that's how God and friends around me keeps me motivated in life. Good thing I'm not dating anyone...hahahahaha....

- House visitation for 2 weeks, hmmmmm wondering what kinda house visitation@??it's christian house visitation tat includes AGAPE,JEHOVAH SHAMMAH,CHARIS,JEHOVAH JIREH

- Setting up booth for the Book Display and preparation to promote our S.U.R.F {Students Uncovering Real Faith} camp on the 1st-4th October 07

- Nevertheless I have been working out on 4 posters and shirt designs lately that causes me to spend less time for myself including blogging. But thank God for providing me sufficient strength and creativity to come out with great ideas in such short period of time, completing the job given.

- Besides that, I've been spending most of my time bonding with the CF members lately and without denying that we actually got closer in understanding one another have grow closer through meetings and outing...which is MAMAK!

- Last but not least, "THE NORM" which is the musical drama presented by the CFers. Clearly throughout the practices, we really learnt a lot from one another and in upholding one another through prayers and encouragement. Well, afterall it turns out to be a success for God. =)