Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Oh well, I would say when I am at work, I miss college and when I am in college I kinda miss working life but not entirely. How ironic it sounds like to you? One thing I notice is human always tends to complain even when we got the best. It has been the third week every since I had my short break and apologise again for not spending much time in updating. But I'm glad I'm back to college because looking back I do spend most of my laughter in college with friends going through the ups and down. Once again, whether it is ups or down I still praise God.

Creative strategy is one of my subject now which we mainly serving our client (PR students) in meeting their needs for a campaign. We act as advertising agency in meeting their needs in producing awareness by creating advertisements. We have no longer working on paper works which we refer it as assignments but practically serving them in these two months. The idea of this entire campaign is to build awareness among youth on environmental friendly concept. Therefore there are many aspects that we have to look into in terms of materials and production. So far we have met the client and gotten our brief from the client side, so what is in progress now is coming out with the big idea. Am looking for it =)

Hmmm....apart from all the assignments and the work load that I am still enjoying, no complaints. As I look back, it has been 3 years I've spend being nurture and mould by TARC and of course different kind of people as well which I will refer them as friends and buddies. I miss CF members, after a long break offline with CF members due to clash of classes and tight schedule....stepping back in one week ago and keeping in touch with them is such a comforting memory. =) I miss you guys.