Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Every Second Worth in Grey

Dearest Mira, front desk executive...the one I always greet good morning =)

The creative team, indeed very creative..=)
from left Eujin (Art Director), Roen, Fero (Art Director), Myself, Serene, David (Junior Art Director), KitTze (Creative Director), and Sagar (Copywriter)

Dearest account team..=)
from left Dave (AE), Elaine (AE), Melissa(AE), myself, Serene (close buddy), JuLing and *drum roll* our director Sean Lim.

Serene one of my close buddy during internship when she has to swallow all my whine, complaints and of course laughter. =)

The pretty girls from the designers team.

Oh well, three months have passed by really fast and I would want to thank one person for placing me there is Him. I believe there is a reason why He placed me there in Grey and not others. Indeed Grey has thought me countless of things and uncountable values I've picked up throughout my internship.

For over the past three months, there are fulfilling time, there are disappointments, there are rough times, there are fun time (that is how externally they would see us as), and of course there are dreadful times. I was assigned to the servicing under the account of DIGI, JuLing is one of my supervisor as for my director Sean whom is someone I will look up to because he is quite a nice person and the time I really get to know him was the time when he drives us to meet the client for WIP session. He gave me countless of advice and numbers or thoughts that I could actually ponder upon. I always believe there is something in him that makes him a director at the age of 32. And as for Elaine one of the fresh account executive whom I assist during my internship, no doubts she gaves me encouragements too. JuLing and Elaine are the people whom I work closely to and to always ensure things gets done every second.

Working in Grey requires double speed of how other industry I am exposed to work. That is why my headline is every second worth in Grey because I truly believes that seeds has been planted. I'm grateful to look back to what I have learnt. Indeed it is a training ground for me and to be exposed to the working environment in reality. Apart from knowing, tasting it is another story I would say. =)