Saturday, May 19, 2007

My Roots Stay Strong

Ipoh Mali

I was very curious of the content in 'Ipoh Mali' song and I woke up this morning randomly tuning into 8tv and staring at the video clip for 'Ipoh Mali' song but never been able to catch words from the I decided to search for the lyrics and was amazed how he composed this song... I'm proud to be Ipoh Lang!

The Lyrics
Yo, this song’s close to the heart, it’s my hometown baby, representin’ Ipoh where you at?

Ipohmali Ipoh Ipohmali/ I sing it loud and proud that’s who I be
Cos’ small town dreams do come through so stand up and represent where you from too boo
Uh/ Ipohmali Ipoh Ipohmali
I sing it loud and proud that’s who I be
Cos’ small town dreams do come through so stand up and represent where you from too boo

(Verse 1)
Yo I was born and raised in a place
where the hottest women come from
Ipoh city that’s where I’ll always belong/ Don’t get me wrong yo
I’m KL lite now Its just that my roots stay strong
Growin’ up as a Ipoh chink kid representin’ it Ipoh Garden Eastside yo was the hood I was kickin’ it
I grew up poor but I had the riches memories Wooley Food Centre rockin’ arcades religiously And after school me and my crew DFS would be-boy on the sidewalks in front of Fair Park shops And as my story drops I recollect I never had them fancy kicks, fancy clothes all I had was Hip Hop
And peer pressure left me with a scar cos’ when kids were rockin’ Airwalks I was rockin’ Bata Back then I had nothin’ but a dream to be a rap star
Now who would have thought this Ipoh chink would get this far?

Chorus 1x

(Verse 2)
Yo I’m a Ipohmali chinaman I represent small town kids havin’ big dreams so understand When I spit this rhyme yo’ I’m spittin’ it right
My flows divine and miraculous givin’ the blind sight, haha
Back in the day circa ‘95 In St. Michaels Church where I prayed for my life to get better
So I can be mah’ family’s provider the answer was to audition for Poetic Ammunition’s replacement rapper I dropped the beatbox blew Yogi B away got the record deal had a choice to make leave for KL or do I stay? Cos’ everybody sayin’ then bein’ a rapper don’t pay From Bingotown to Greentown I was strollin’ contemplatin’ what mah’ life’s future would be holdin’ Everybody I knew was all against it they said 16 yearo ld Ipoh kid will never make it But I persevered A boy with no fear I had hopes as high as Hotel Excelsior For years I proved my critics wrong that’s why I wrote this song to tell the world where I’m from cos’ I’m…….

Chorus 1x

We Ipohmali baby here to show y’all what we got
Never underestimate yourself cos’ you can make it no matter where you are
It ain’t where you’re from but how you make it to the top
Cos’ we are Ipohmali baby, here to show y’all what we got

To all mah’ peeps all down at JB Throw your hands up if y’all hear me
To all mah cats down at KL city Holla at me if y’all hear me
To all my pheng ew across the sea now Penang khia are y’all still down?
And everybody across the nation/ you can make it just be patient/

(Verse 3)
Now flash forward to the present mah’ life at this point
Nobody knows mah’ real name they all call me Point
I’m an industry veteran 10 years in the game 3 LPs now that’s evidence
I seen it all the ladies, the groupies, the fancy parties, award ceremonies, glory and all that money (money) But I learned the hard way that fame came with a price
For Point Blanc to be more famous than Ipoh chicken rice

(Outro singing)
Ipoh, Ipoh, if y’all afraid go call the popo
It’s your boy Point lettin’ you know the hottest chink hollerin’ from Ipoh
(Repeat 1x)

(Outro adlib)
Voyeur Records! It ain’t where you’re from its where you at
So be proud of where you’re from baby, cos’ I am

The lyrics above are from SotongZai's Flow in The Ocean...All credits to him...It's cool dude!

Friday, May 18, 2007

God's Tribe

O Lord, you have searched me and known me! You know when I sit and when I rise; you discern my thoughts from afar. Psalms 139:1-2

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Cozy Little Breezy Cafe

I finally got the chance to meet up with most of my close ex classmates. We attended an event(HIP HOP DANCE-live at ipoh stadium) at 6.30 pm but due to some error in driving...shhhhhhh, my heart was pumping extremely fast when we had a ride from yi-wen but thank God a brilliant instructor yin ling manage to instruct her pretty smoothly~safe journey~. But anyway, thanks for the adventures ride. Indeed we had a great time traveling around ipoh due to no sense of direction to this particular location.We reach our destination at 8.00pm sharp and I began to worried that we will miss out most of the items. *PHEW* Good thing they had speeches for about 2 hours so basically by the time we reach stadium, the dancing was about to start. I hardly could take picture nor record any coz I was way too far from the stage. But the performance was very exciting and cool.It was way beyond description. This is the only nice shot I've got.Anyway, the purpose it's to support ALLY's group "KILL THE BEAT". They managed it very well, and no mistakes were to be seen.

We proceeded to our next destination at BREEZE CAFE. It was a cozy little cafe.
We had nice food, nice drinks and cozy pillows surronding us. Indeed we enjoyed each others warmth accompaniment and every second spent together in this small little Breezy cafe. We hardly could find time to have such remarkable gathering. We wish that each enjoyable moment will just stop by and will never come to an end to it.

One of the most embarrassing part of these gathering was, mostly the people in the same room as us was distracted coz frankly speaking we revealed our form 5 characteristic back in high school at that very particular night. We can't bother much of how they stare at us with the curios look on their face but anyway we never got kick out from the cafe either....hahahahaha

At the end of the meal, we had a great suprise for Chia Yee the "BIRTHDAY GIRL" of the day, sharp at 12.00 am. We sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY song to our dearest friend Chia Yee best know as the cute and adorable one and the among the prettiest girl in our class. As we cheer and sing the birthday song others joined us as well..

*TA-DAH* Guest of the NIGHT!! CHIA YEE!!!