Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Big Boy

I hope that you will love those gifts and will make your day too.

Scrumptious meal at Chilis while I'm anticipating for his BIG Suprise from gang.

And we ended up at PIZZA HUT @ KLCC...although the initial plan was Chilis but oh well at least he feel the suprise! See how engrossed is he with the big gift from all.

Amanda and Kushal

Andy and sweet Kar Yee

Lovely bird of the year, Shaun and Karmun

Greedy people, almost half the bottle of cheeze gone!

JiaWen and squeaky Eunice

Kenny from left stealing food! Poor Karen

Kenny from left is on his next move

Big leap for you BIG boy or perhaps your friends will call you as MAN! Love always with you.