Monday, March 16, 2009

A New Start

At this 5 minutes, I actually ponder on what I actually left behind for them in the past that is worth for them to remember my presence. Being ignorant and trying to avoid isn't the best solution after all but at least I have found the peace for myself and towards God. Christians like me sometimes genuinely puzzled, asking, "Why do I find it hard to forget and yet I can forgive?" Recently I have been attending SGC, and true enough I have found a church where I can seek accountability and solid food.

It was my third day attending SGC and I still remember the first time I lay my feet on SGC, the warmth they gave me was remarkable. And two days ago, I attended one of their youth Bible study, real solid food been feed by uncle and fruitful time spent sharing on who should we personally pray and evangelize to in our daily lives. True enough, Tammy came out from my mind, having to know that she read the Bible and know a bit of here and there, sometimes can be defensive and it's clear that she wants to shut herself from all this Christianity and what the one she is attached to is a strong Buddhist. Really am looking forward to draw myself closer to these bunch of people because seriously I have not been feeding myself with real solid food for the past few months.