Saturday, April 14, 2007

Dearest Friend

My dearest friend ~Joey~

Does she looks adorable to you? Well afterall she does look adorable to me. Let me brief you what kind of person she is. Some people says she is very daring, challenging, an introvert person which is unavailable in her list of personality, sometimes she can be very vulnerable, a sensible girl, a person who is filled with question marks on her forehead, friendly and talkative, and she can be an annoying person too...hahahaha!!! just kidding, I don't mind having her being annoying to me. ><>

Dear Joey,

You are my dearest friend that I will always call you my friend.You deserve this friendship and the indescribable bonding between both of us. I would want to take this opportunity to thank you for being a true and genuine friend all this while which I could hardly find one in the deep and wide sea. Please forgive me if I have hurt you in any way which I am not concious of all the wrong doings. Although we seems to be apart from one another for the past 14 months but you're always in my mind and dreams. No matter how far you are away from you, it is not an obstacle for us to be near. Hope that you will always bear in mind that no matter in any circumstances I will always be an open door for you to count on. Whenever you are and whenever you've been, I will be an honest heart you can depend on and above all I just want you to know that I will be a faithful friend to you as well.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

My Home

Over the past 2 semester I was pretty busy going up and down the hill just to achieve over something. As a conclusion I ended up achieving something real cool and at the same time I ended up achieving something below my expectation which is my results for the past semester. It was just above average and it wasn't what I expected to be and my CGPA dropped. Anyhow, for these past few months since 2007 has launched in my life, I really feel at home compared to the 1st semester. I have Cf to attend to and hanging out with my church mates. These period of time, I really have a good and intimate bonding with them. Althought sometimes I really get very hectic with all my assignments and the common things I'm up to in college, I will still try my very best just to have fellowship with them. I truly believe having quality time together can really bind us closer little by little. Reminded me of the song I used to sing during sunday school.

Little by little everyday
Little by little all the way
Jesus is changing me
He is changing me.........
My version of Little by Little:
Little by little everyday
Little by little all the way
Time is changing us
Its chnaging us.........
We had thanksgiving night yesterday in CF and as I ponder upon the God's providence, I recalled couple of things in me that He has been very good to me. I said a prayer to him on the 6 march 2007 to ask for opportunities to serve Him in any areas of my life, whether it is in cf, outside college or in church. From then on, true enough he answered my prayer...
For everytime I pray
I move the hands of God
My prayer does the things
My hands cannot do.....
As I go to him in prayer, I am weak and helpless for I do not have sufficient strength to move mountains and by his grace, CF has been a home for me to serve and fully utilize my spiritual talents to serve him. Besides the friend I have in Jesus.... As I sing the song specially dedicated to the CFer's, I ponder a lot in the lyrics.....
Faithful Friend
Everyone knows you
As a man of honor
I am glad to know you
Simply as a friend
You've always taken
Time to be my brother
And I'll be standing by you in the end
But I will never put you on a pedestal
I thank the Lord for everything you do
I'll be there to pray for you and for the ones you love
I believe that He will finish all He's started in you
I will be an open
Door that you can count on
Anywhere you are
Anywhere you've been
I will be an honest
Heart you can depend on
I will be your faithful friend.
This songs urged me to have a consistent commitment for CF, being part of cf, growing in the Lord's name, guide the lost, to inspire, if you mourn I will weep with you and whenever you celebrate I will rejoice too. ><