Friday, June 8, 2007

Back On Track

First of all, I would want to apoligize for I've abandoned this blog for about a month. Apparently it is due to the connection in my hostel got strucked by lighting. Better still I can concentrate more on other stuff rather than staring at the pc and brainstorm what to share everyday. Anyway, here are the updates right after I spent 2 weeks of holidays back in my hometown. Once I step back into college was to meet up with advisors due to ELS. I think it's a bit boring to elaborate more on English Language Society so I will just briefly run through what I've done. Basically we were preparing for the Society Day which held on the 24th May 07'. It was a huge accomplishment on that day itself. We manage to bring up the ELS and recruited more than 250 new members.

Apart from that, I've spent most of my time with my church members especially a.mun moi the adventurous aunty I've ever seen besides a.stephanie, celebrated Danny's birthday, watched Pirates and Shrek, failed to gain weight =(, shopping with, training for the coming COPA IBA, met a bunch of new freshy, floorball and captain ball training among cf'ers in college preparing for the co-active day on the 23rd JUNE, and I'm glad that I'm back in college! I think I got to go now......