Thursday, October 29, 2009

Don't Ask Me Why

People always mention this phrase "Friends come and go" but let me tell you what is my phrase deep within my heart "Friends come and stay".

I just have the urge to post about my heart felt in class. How I see friends come and go all the time except for one. I truly treasure friendship like how I treasure my live. Friends are the one who actually keeps me moving in my daily routine. That is why we tend to follow our friends footsteps, if she go I will go but if she don't I will think twice. You see how much friends can actually influence our decision in life?

I have this group of friends and I would say I am proud to have them once having the intimacy to one extend but the heart aching is that it never lasted. After two weeks of semester break, it's like this huge gap that is within us that labels us as 'strangers'. I hope this won't remain as it is but a step of transformation where I can draw myself one step closer to them.

If you are reading this,
I hope not to walk in front of you and you follow,
I hope not to walk behind you and I follow,
But I hope to walk next to you and be your friend, just a friend.