Friday, March 2, 2007

RBS-Real Buddies Support

Here I am going to say thank you very much for being such real friends after RBS. This is how I benefit from the real RBS which stands for Residential Bible School.

Ruth - real doctor that does ABC health check for me
ABC health check stands for
B- Bible Based
C-Comfort Zone

Ben - neverending Leader
- good listener and a trustworthy person

Eugene - introducing Loo and J.Kam to me
- had experiences that i never gone thru before

Henry - always show me what is brotherly love

Gadiy - the annoying guy but sometimes keeps me on the happy side of the world

Tze Yang - good beaver than obeys masters demand =)

Michael Loo00 - 24 hour good listener and a warm buddy that keeps me warm all the time

Jason Kam - shelther during obstacles

To all : You guys had entered into my life, off and on you people does make an impact in my life. I just wanna take this opportunity to say a special thanks to u guys for blustering my life into a memorable moments. Truly I will cherish these moments for you people are always there for me when I'm in the deepest moment in my life. Above all I thank God for granting me the golden opportunity to attend RBS-Residential Bible School in order to have so many contacts in hands and to be able to expand from one to another to look after me. Hope to be in tune with you guys.



I guess I've spent my CNY pretty well. These are the foods prepared by me, my beloved cousin Rachel and my dearest aunty Doris from morning till evening at grandma's house. These food really am delicious!But what matter most is the reunion.

Well, to be frank the actual reunion wasn't suppose to be held here for me but from young i'm closer to my mother side of the family so hehe I will consider this as my 2nd round of reunion. I had a small reunion back in my home with my family and grandparents. I would claim it as small reunion because most of my relatives stays in kl so only left my family to celebrate the CNY reunion this year.

Wonder why this lovely cake is here?? Someone must have miscplaced this cake.........Actually it was my aunty's birthday, couldn't believe it falls on the day before CNY...till my mum reminded me of this lovely day.

Wonder why she is filled with laughter? Tears of JOY!! It was a suprise for her after the makan session

I think that's it for this post. I hardly could describe how my CNY goes but indeed it is a time of gathering and reunion with the bunch of my relatives that stays miles and miles away. Pictures shown was just part of my close relatives, most of my relatives came back the 2nd day of CNY so didnt get much opportunity to snap pictures. I didnt get much red packets but the amount of money increased this year for each and every red packets. Anyhow, I really enjoy the time of reunion. Hope to celebrate CNY once again!