Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dinner Out with Wacky Client

See Mun our generous Account Director with curly hair, Serene the wacky Publicity co-ordinator, Sim Teng our kind Media Planner, Miss Kah Hoe the only Men in Black and last but not least the one who assist all of us Tammy the assistant AE.
Client is who I am refering to as the wacky people. After a long stretch of meeting, we finally get a chance to dine with them in this Four Season Restaurant. In this Restaurant they actually have 4 different season in each corner, therefore you can choose your own corner with your own season that you prefer. It is located @ Wangsa Maju near Carrefour, don't really know the exact address. Hehehe. About the unique themes and season they provide, the atmosphere wasn't that brilliant and the food I would say is so so. Let's meet up for another wacky session this Thursday!!!

*Apologize on the quality of pictures*