Friday, May 11, 2007

A Remarkable Gathering

Finally we manage to have a gathering once again since last year in the month of FEB. I've been yearning to have a gathering right after then but most of the time it ended up very disappointing due to the busy schedule we're having. Some working, studying in different states and etc but anyway indeed it's a pleasure to be able to have this gathering once again. But this time we manage to work it out together.

We had lunch at Cafe De Coral and took a few shots right after our lunch.Chee chee from my right and Pui Kuan on my left while waiting for others to arrive, basically it's another friend of ours. As we sit back and enjoy our meals, we looked around the surrounding and began to recall some of our memories, where these bunch of students have fun together right after school moreover it's friday and dreesed in full uniform. Ipoh Parade is the nearest entertainment center for us last time. It's just 5 minutes ride.

We have nothing much in mind throughout the gathering but unexpectedly there is a special event held today during our gathering. It was the well known Superstar live in Ipoh Parade. Probably some of you guys have heard about these bunch of people before, you will see it very often whenever you switch on the tv. I think so, coz I never expose myself to these channel. While we were waiting for the arrival of the Superstar, we gathered and took some shots.

There were gezillion of people yelling and screaming for their special singer to perform items for them. It was crowded with people and the center point of Ipoh Parade were filled with their applause and screaming. In additional to it, although I do not know much of their happening nor do I know what are they singing, I just do the same as others so that I wont be the odd among others. Apparently, their singing was good...Hehehehe ><

Basically, that's all for today... Frankly speaking we were very exhausted and tired right after the event.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

I'm Back!

Hello people =), I'm back after a long break for not laying a single word due to my busy schedule. It's incredible how time flies in a blink of an eye. Anyway, I'm happy that finally I'm back to keep you guys updated. Basically I'm busy with the ELS (English Language Society), got elected to be a secretary who will be facing piles of paper work in times to come, and have real fun with the Melawati people for the past one week.

Recently I've been having dreams that haunt me so much that I barely could pick up myself. For the first week of holidays, I have to keep myself on track with the English Society. Every single thing I have to be updated by the committees of the planning and what do I mean by 'I barely could pick myself' was I have doubts that I can have a time to myself in the coming semester. English Society is enough to keep my schedule busy all day long even during the holidays. To be able to prepare minutes, to be aware of the coming activities so that I can send in the application for permisssion to hold any meetings/activities, have an intimate rel with the advisors, keep the committees updated and basically I'm the center point of almost everything.

Besides that I would want to be active in CF as well. I really want to contribute and to be able to serve the Lord in anytime as well. I believe without his grace I wouldn't be able to get this far. Each and everyday I rely on His strength and not by my own strength to endure in hard times and through good times as well. CF have somehow motivated and inspired me to come to a point of pondering on how much of efforts that I'm willing to sacrifice for the Lord. To be able to spare some time for the hostel cg, dinner with the CFers', to have a better understanding of each and every brothers and sisters in Christ, bonding with one another and above all to be united as one BODY in Christ.

Last but not least, I would really want to maintain good fellowship with my church members as well. Before this I've prayed hard to God that he will enable me to have an intimate relationship with the Melawati mates and I've asked for open doors to serve him well in this church. God has been very gracious and faithful that he send in people to share my life and he even send in people to offer me in some areas that I can fully utilize my gifted talents to serve Him. Throughout these few months I have no doubts saying that I have no regrets to be able to spend my time wisely and benificial to others as well as to myself as well.

Before I end, as I've promised that I will keep you guys updated and will tell you more about my check up lately. It took up about 2 months to have a rough idea of what endometriosis really is. Endometriosis is an often painful disorder of the female reproductive system. To put it in a more simple manner, basically it is trapped blood around my uterus and ovary and according to DR Foong, it's just the beginning stage of endometriosis that can be treat under medication. It's not any short term treatment but long term treatment that requires patient in it.

I think that's all for now and I'm glad that I'm home!! To be able to spend quality time with my parents in Ipoh but the weather here can really suffocates me. My mission for this time is to be stuffed by ipoh food!!! HEHEHE.....
that's all for now...see ya! ><