Friday, January 23, 2009

Make Full Use

As soon as I get back to ipoh, the only thing I miss is my home sweet home. I only have a one week of break and to update everyone, I've learnt number of things from 95% Academy officially graduated (self declare). The last workshop was my most unforgetable day not because I've made a good impression or it was fun but it was one of the day that crashes me badly. From then on, I've promised myself that once I get to have break I will pick up as much skills as I can to produce a good adv of my own. Therefore, this CNY break is not only about food, reunion, and rest but it's about sharpening my skills too before getting my feet on industrial training in GREY Group.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I Felt It

CNY is back, one of the most enjoyable moment for me a nd my family. Ever since I'm away from home CNY is just another day for me with the additional of food and people. But this year, the mood is back, enjoy the presence of relatives, friends and family reunion, food, food, and long as everyone is happy...ang pau no ang pau doesn't matter. Ah pa, ah ma, ah po, ah mah, and ah weng i'm coming back for CNY.

This year seems to be a great year for me, whether it is a good year or not I enjoy every moment of new so as long as the moment last, I will prolong this moment and achieve my goals for this year. Add oil for you and me.

Friends and family has been bugging me off and greet me with the same old statement of me not adding weight to my body. Hmmmm, it's been depressing isn't it? Well it's not for you but it is for me boys and girls. I would have to say eat a lot= skinny= healthy. Ok ok, let put it this way, I actually tried on weight gain, not any protein powder in the market but weight gain from the pharmacy, advertisement you've seen years ago in TV, by appeton? Ring the bell? Yea, I've tried it after hearing testimony but sad to say it doesn't work for me. So I guess I'm speechless too, friends are happy that I'm taking it easy too. Therefore it's ok to be skinny........I've kicked off this from my year resolution. As long as I am healthy and I'm glad God have made me this way, so you too take it easy on me....hehehe....

Touching Story in The Year

Joel did not just teach his mom to be brave but has taught me the meaning of blessed. I got this from Her World February publication 2009, one of the most touching and enduring real life story by KY and Shirley.

For Joel, every birthday is a milestone that’s nothing short of miracle. Nothing could have prepared them to face such big giant in their life when Shirley got pregnant and to know the fact after four months that something is wrong with the baby’s heart. The pediatrics told Shirley that the baby would likely die in her womb shortly after birth. So in times to come for both married couple, they live in tears and agony fearing that they could not be joyous over a new born baby.

It might be a less complicated had they decide to abort this baby, but they were deeply torn by their predicament. “During the scan, we could see our baby’s hands and legs, and we could not bring ourselves to kill him,” says her. Although she eventually decided to keep him, but it was a painful process waiting for the baby to be born. She even mentioned that, “Every time we walked into a baby shop, we would end up in tears. We didn’t dare to buy anything knowing he may not have a chance to use it,” says Shirley.

When Joel was born, there were many oxygen tanks surrounding this little baby who weighed 2.09kg, was immediately whisked into ICU in an oxygen box. Almost a week after his birth, baby Joel has to undergo open heart surgery to patch a hole in his heart and widen a narrow aorta. Joel’s heart was so swollen that the surgeon has to leave his chest cavity open for three days. Doctor advised both the parents to prepare for the worse.

It wasn’t a pleasant journey after all, but this has taught both KY and Shirley to be brave for the son Joel has gone through the tough beginning of his birth. When the couple sees Joel suffering, they sometimes regret their decision having him but as he gets older, he became more aware. Sick babies tend to be very grumpy but Joel is always smiling and laughing at everyone who sees him. When Joel returned home for the second time on the eve of his birthday, Shirley was six months pregnant with twins Jonathan and Joash.

Beyond his heart condition and a weakened immune system, which rendered him sick every couple of month, Joel couldn’t walk, talk, sit or hold up his head on his own. But that does not break the hope of KY and Shirley, they remain faithful in Joel and hold on to him without fail. Shirley and KY does not know what the future holds for him, Shirley claims that she still cries a lot over Joel, and she did not harbor any hopes that he will go to school or get married. Shirley remain strong for Joel, they promised Joel that if he made it this far, they would take him to Disneyland where he was conceived. Shirley ends with a promise, “You might have had a tough beginning, but you will grow up to be a tough boy.”

When I was reading this article, I couldn’t imagine how many times I would fail to take steps that Shirley has taken. Indeed it is my first touching story of the year to remind myself of how a baby could have so little faith to face such a big giant than adults in life.
*some statement adopted from 'HerWorld' 2009 Feb publication*

Their life is filled with happiness. May God bless you and family.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Any of Our Day

* she loves sushi very much*

*sushi is what brought them both together closer*

*his natural shot*

*he is too in love with 'this' cendol*
*our favourite cendol stall*

She enjoys hanging out with Bee. He makes her life something new from time to time. Dating is no longer just any of those days, but every day that she enjoys most now and looking for it from now and then. She always finds something very beyond extraordinary from him. God is the center of this relationship and she always feel blessed.