Sunday, March 22, 2009

Corporate Communication

Seems like my working place here especially my team has no communication skill. It's kinda funny when u sit next to each other and yet asking for time for meeting, e-mail is the tool that is used. It's kinda hard for me to accept such weird communication skill where by speaking with words of mouth seems to be so hard. Sometimes confronting them makes me feel so awkward when the surrounding is just so quiet and busy with their own work.

-So near yet so far-

Fresh Juice Instead of Coconut Drink

After being so lazy for sports in more than 3 months, tired i must say after the captain ball session with the SGC fellow and sprained my pinky. Really need to work it out coz i can tell my body just can't take the running anymore.....Makes it sounds like i'm getting real old now, or i shall put it in a better term, no stamina. But that is not the interesting part of it.

After the captain ball fun, Solomon actually offered everyone a ride to coconut drink right across the street after the game...i didn't crave for it that much until he kept on bugging everyone to accompany him for a 'coconut' drink by the road side. We actually hopped unto his car for less than 1 minute ride. Embarked to the coconut stall and found that they already finished. It's so disappointing and he actually triggers my thirst for it. The lovely ladies decided to go home but we embarked to our next destination to hunt for coconut drink after dropping each of them off.

We took a ride from BRJ to Wangsa Maju, from Wangsa to Tmn Melati and FINALLY we found the coconut but it's in the CAGE!!! Why these people keep the coconut in the cage for goodness sake...hmmm these bunch of people must be thinking that people like us will actually kidnap the coconut. As we go down the slope from TARC, Solomon claimed that he saw one at the malay stall, so therefore we make our move fast and got down the car...but again, his eyes is playing tricks with him! Dissapoitnment along the way....hahahaha...then I decided to give up, we ended up having fresh fruit juice at TBR. Amazingly we got free treat from the aunty from the stall....As I was sucking the fresh green apple with assam from the cup, we cool ourself down and accidently i knock down the glass with 20% apple juice left....hahaha and amazingly again the juice did not spil, thanks to the 100% fresh juice without adding water that form 2 inch of foam.

Will try harder for coconut drink next time. =)