Sunday, June 24, 2007

Full Surrender!

For the past one week, I've been waking up thinking of God before getting out from my bed. The feeling of God's presence is always there now and then. And before covering myself with cozy blanket every night, knowing there is an angel sent by God that is watching over me. How great it is to know that the Lord Jesus Christ is watching over me day and night, sun rises from the east till rain poured, *tik-tok-tik-tok* each and everyday.

Do you ever get out of bed in the morning and say, "Today is going to be slidely different from the days I usually practise. I'm going to live like a Christian. I'm going to set a good example to the non-christian. I'm going to do it right." And you pray about it before leaving the house. With ambitions of performing like an all star Christian like no one does, you began your day. But before you're even out of the driveway, your attitude or actions have already clashing with reality.

I always have that kind of motivation where you feel extremely loaded with spiritual feelings and having the urge to live a day fruitfully. But it turns up to be disappointing. that will be another story of the day. For the past one week, is what I've experienced. Waking up early in the morning, smiles that enlighten my days, friends to share laughter and rejoice all the time, and out of no where I would say "Go Ahead-Ruin My Day!" Well apparently while I was complimenting on a good friend of mine for producing such a professional and attractive posters that deserve "Oh, only people who does not know how to design will say that." Such discouraging words really can ruin not that particular day, but days. And in an hour time, I've been receiving messages informing me that some documents are not done and at times excuses that cannot attend a meeting. How would you feel if in a day of time, countless of problems arises.

Well, thats when some people would put it as "YOU HAD A BAD DAY" or "YOU'RE JUST UNLUCKY, THIS IS NOT YOUR DAY". I will start figuring out what Romans 8:13 will have to say about this. "Those who live by flesh will fail." Maybe I'm not in the right tune with God that day, and setting my mind on other stuff rather than His.

On that particular day, I messaged one of my friend late at night....and guess what, due to some reason she just can't spend time with me. That's when I fully surrender to God and *POOF* gone to bed. The next day onwards, not expecting anything extraordinary to happen as long as some mean people will just leave me alone and I will claim it as a good day for me.

Well, I just go on my day leaving all my grudges behind and enjoy. As I approach the office, receiving an envelope from a lady, with the normal heart rate of beating, pulling a piece of paper from that envelope..............I would say, something real extraordinary is going on, unexpectedly I got 3.5 for my previous sem results!I laughed with joy, the kind of indescribable feelings will really brighten up my days. As the days go on, things had been running very smoothly. And I thank God for everything!

Ready for the good news? What I've learnt from the past week was, God has given mr his Spirit to live the Christian life through me. Living the Christian life in the power of the Spirit means gettin gout of the way. It's humbling yourself and saying, "Lord, not my will, not my strength, not my way-but yours!" Grace flows to us when we come to this stage. I never depend on his understanding when I receive such discouraging words, holding grudges deeply and hunting for ways to take revenge. That's when the Bible says, we shouldn't return in evil when they does it to us. So fully surrender to God and begin experiencing real life through the Holy Spirit.

"Submit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will be succeed." Proverbs 16:3

Dear Lord,
I thank you for each and every morning that you have granted me. I pray that as I continue to live my life everyday, may it be pleasing and glorifying in you. Lord, live your life through me. -AMEN-