Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Whacky Doughnut Act

This is what happen when we want to express ourself. By the way doughnut is how we call each other. Yes it is trademarked!

Look at my face, do I look like I care ACT!
Children below 16 please do not practise this at home!

Shokingness ACT

Kononnya fall asleep ACT.

Trying really hard!! Constipated ACT.

Bloated ACT. Doughnut it's exploding, be CAREFUL!

After ACT, stoning ACT!

Insane ACT.

Look what we are trying to attempt.

Alright GIVE UP!! That fella do better!

Daniel Lee is getting baptized...good news brought forward to all the Christians. Indeed it's a pleasure to have known such a great friend who has strong spirit in himself, mentally and physically. Truly Daniel has set a good example among us as a new believer in Christ. A brother who has never complain in his life of what he deserves and what he does not. A word of thanks is what brought forth as his first impression to me. We enjoy great times together and down times together as well.

I thank God for a brother like him, as he wrote in the newsletter shared on how blessed he is to be able to be in the family such as CF. "More than just a society where Christians gather and have fun."
-Daniel Lee-

Hey brother, when is our next round for L4D huh??? Anyway, it's been great to have you around, ever so cheerful and encouraging, do keep it up as we need each other for He created us to be one. I want you to know that you are a great person, just one of a kind. It's been a pleasure seeing you grow so much. Rejoice for He is Our Lord! Daniel, when you want something in life, reaches out and grab it and we will always support each other right?? Never give up; I am sure you will do great thing for God, impacting lives in many others to come along your journey. Stay firm, Stay faithful in Him.
Michelle Tan